About us

Crafting, learning, playing – that is what BLS has been standing for since 1997, true to its slogan "Motivate, inspire, and engage children". We are a manufacturer, importer and wholesaler of premium toys in the areas of sand, sports, construction, and handycrafts. We select our range based on educational and economic aspects, whereby uncompromising, solid quality, suitibility for daycare centers, sustainabiilty, and safety constitute important  assessment criteria. We are especially proud of the noticeably high proportion of articles being manufactured, assembled and customized locally in Forchtenberg with our own in-house tools. That makes us one of the few toy manufacturers still producing in Germany. Due to our strong ties with customers and cooperations with selected partners, the product range of BLS is always in touch with latest trends and in alignment with the needs of children, parents, and teachers. Children - as users and customers - are always the main focus of our efforts.
Our company premises in the Southern Germany town of Fochtenberg, in operation since 2009, is a high-rack facility with more than 6,000 pallet sites, offering abundant space and development opportunities. The supply range of BLS comprises more than 2,500 articles that are sold predominantly with unique packaging and under private labels.


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